Zvisinei Dzepasi Mamutse has joined 35 other women in an Anthology, Sacred Promise: An Anthology, featuring women around the world compiled by Dr Tererai Trent, sharing a chapter titled SILENCED JOURNEYS in which she shared her journey with Fibroids to empower and bring awareness to Fibroids, a subject not usually discussed but affecting millions. 

She will be sharing more from the book and a second book, “I call on you Sis” at the New Americans Book Fair on Saturday, October 8, 2022, at the Columbus Metropolitan Library, 5590 Karl Road, Columbus, Ohio beginning at 12pm.

I call on you Sis, is a journal reminding women on the power of sisterhood, “being mindful of our responses when called upon,” she said.  

Zvisinei Dzepasi Mamutse is a Certified AGACNP.

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