Just to imagine that it is already one year that we had the inaugural New Americans Book Fair at the Columbus Metropolitan Library, Karl Road branch, Columbus, Ohio! This is because of the overwhelming success of the event on Saturday, October 8, 2022, considering the three months period of planning by the invaluable group of men and women volunteers, the prompt support and approval of the management of the Columbus Metropolitan Library, through the assiduousness and encouragement of the Karl Road library’s management and staff, the authors, and other participants, sponsors, the youths that worked with us on that day, and all the visitors to the book fair.

What was witnessed on that day led to the early preparation for the 2023 New Americans Book Fair holding at the Columbus Metropolitan Library, Dublin branch, Ohio.

It was part of the dream to move the Book Fair around, but it was the sagacity of Columbus City Hall of Famer, Imran Malik, that made the touchdown on Dublin City ground. The huge number of registered authors, publishers, artists, associations, and organizations for the 2023 edition is a testament to the foresight in making the choice.

With almost 50 vendors, we can’t but express our appreciation to everyone behind the planning of this year’s event starting from the former Manager of the Karl Road branch, Keith Hanson who gave the recommendation when we decided to move to Dublin, to the Manager of Dublin branch, Joe Yersavich and ably assisted by Hannah Burkhard, the organizing committee members Bertha Obayuwana, of Parents Advocating for Racial Equity and Liberation, Ernest Kanjo of Apex1Radio, Taiwo Akinlami of Power Parenting Company, Imran Malik, Central Ohio Interfaith Community leader, Pastor Eyobong Ita, Commissioner Kawther Musa of Northeast Area Commission, Tayo Oresotu of Tayo Oresotu Consulting, Sophia Pierrelus of Faveur & Company Multi-Services, Alejandra Rodriguez of YMCA, Ayo Akinuli, Producer at Apex1Radio and Maria Cortez of the office of the City of Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther, and the wonderful receptions and support from the libraries in Central Ohio mobilizing for the 2023 New Americans Book Fair. We feel honored by the Dublin City council members, community leaders and the Dublin City school officials that we met in the course of sensitizing the community to this year’s book fair.

Special thanks to all the 23 authors and participants at the 2022 event. Without their trust and testimonials, we probably would not have been able to double the participation this year. We have almost 40 authors for this year, two visual artists, two film producers, and 10 associations and organizations.  

While acknowledging all the efforts and support that go into producing a book, we decided to extend invitations to all related fields such as the artists who essentially take charge of illustrations, film producers who convert most of the stories into movie or documentary, bookshops that essentially market and display the books for sales to the public, publishers and printers who produce it digitally and in hard copies.

We also have associations and diasporan representatives and organizations to display books and art works by authors and artists from their countries of origin.

It is pertinent to also express appreciation to Columbus City Council and Councilmembers Emmanuel Remy and Lourdes Barroso de Padilla, the City of Columbus, Department of Neighborhood, Columbus Metropolitan Library, Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services, ETSS, Apex1Radio and JPS Print for their partnership and sponsorship.

Welcome to the New Americans Book Fair 2023!  

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