International book agent Tosin Ajirire will be returning to the New Americans Book Fair 2023 with an expanded group of authors and artists from the United Kingdom and Nigeria to the New Americans Book Fair 2023 at the Columbus Metropolitan Library, Dublin City, Ohio on Saturday, September 23, 2023.

Tosin Ajirire, who featured three authors from the United Kingdom at the 2022 fair said, “we are expanding the participation this year as the book fair is a rare opportunity for Diasporan and Nigerian writers, poets, authors, publishers, filmmakers, and content creators to participate and showcase their products and services at the biggest Diasporan Book Fair.”

The authors from the United Kingdom featured by Tosin Ajirire at the 2022 New Americans Book Fair were Tobi Adewusi and Jeremiah Oyebode.

“Already, we have Adesida Olamide, author of “The Dance of Shadows”, UK-based Femi Osewa, author of “We Must Crown the Elephant” and Jeremiah Oyebode, author of “The Roots” joined the group,” he said.

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